Cardiovascular Medicine (Heart Care) at Domino's Farms


Lobby A is located on the southwest side of the Domino's Farms building. Do not drive to Frank Lloyd Wright Dr. Take Earhart Road to Ava Maria Drive and follow the signage to Lobby A. Surface parking is available.

Your body's heart and blood vessels form a seamless system, working together to keep your body and mind strong. So do the many programs, services and people of the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center. From the heart and the brain to the tiniest veins, we address every aspect of cardiovascular care. We offer specialized outpatient clinics, cutting-edge diagnostics, advanced surgery and minimally invasive procedures, high-quality hospital care and supportive wellness services. Our physicians, surgeons, nurses, nutritionist, exercise specialists and other staff work together to give you the best possible care. We offer the following services at our Domino's Farms location, to make your care as convenient as possible.


Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.