Performing Arts Injury Rehabilitation Program

MedSport’s Performing Arts Injury Rehabilitation Program is specialized for the unique needs of dancers, musicians, theater performers, figure skaters, and gymnasts at the professional, amateur, collegiate, high school, and studio level. 

Our Performing Arts Medicine and Rehabilitation team includes sports medicine physicians and orthopaedic surgeons. We can coordinate care with our providers and help with referrals to other members of the healthcare team, including sports psychologists, nutrition counselors, Pilates instructors, and massage therapists.

We are involved in research on dance and figure skating injuries and injury prevention, and we participate in national and international performing arts medicine initiatives, along with partnering with the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance for triaging, referrals, injury risk screening, and on-site programming.   

Our program licensed physical therapists, physical therapy assistants and certified athletic trainers specialize in working with performing artists. Our team has years of experience and training in arts that include dance, figure skating, cheerleading, gymnastics, and musical performance. We provide orthopaedic, sports medicine, and manual therapy training as needed to the performing arts patient population. 

Our Services 

  • Performing Arts Injury Clinic: Our clinic is available on an appointment basis. We offer a musculoskeletal screening, assessment, and exercise program instruction for the performer. We can also provide referral to additional services as needed. 
  • Performing Arts Physical Therapy Services: Formal in-clinic physical therapy services in coordination with a referral from your provider, utilizing performing arts—specific equipment and therapy progressions.   

To learn more or to ask a question, contact: [email protected]  

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment, please call our Contact Center at 1-734-936-7070. Visit our Make a MedSport Appointment page for more information about preparing for your appointment.