Provider Portal

The Michigan Medicine Provider Portal is a secure web-based application for referring providers and their staff to access their patient’s medical information, including clinic letters, discharge summaries, ED notes, test results, medical and problem lists, appointment notifications, etc.

To enroll your practice, complete the Provider Portal User and Site Agreement and fax it to the Department of Health Information Management at 734-998-0105 or call M-LINE to speak to a Physician Relations representative.

If you have already enrolled your practice in the Provider Portal, you can log in to the Provider Portal now.

About UMHS Provider Portal

How does the Provider Portal work?

The Provider Portal provides registered users with secure access to their patients’ electronic medical record information and test results from UMHS facilities.

What computer equipment does the Provider Portal require?

To access the Provider Portal, users will need a PC or Mac computer with a high-speed or DSL internet connection (dial-up not recommended). 

The following Internet browsers should be used to access the Provider Portal:

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and later versions
  • Mozilla Firefox 10 and later versions

Those with tablets should use iPad Safari or Android Chrome browsers. The Provider Portal uses industry-standard encryption technology ensuring that only you and your staff have access.

Who can access the Provider Portal?

Each account will have a designated Site Administrator, who will manage and maintain account usernames, passwords, and access abilities. Physicians, mid-level providers, nurses, and other staff members may be granted access to the UMHS Provider Portal. Each user will need a unique email address to gain access to the Provider Portal. The Site Administrator will be able to request users online. Access will be granted within 7-10 days. A unique password will be mailed through US Postal Service to each user separately in order to validate the user’s address.

What information is available within the Provider Portal?

The Provider Portal will provide read-only access to the patient’s medical record in real-time.  The Provider Portal homepage also summarizes notifications so that providers have information at a glance, and an In-basket allows U-M to send notes, letters and results directly to the provider.

Information available includes:

  • Appointment notifications
  • Admission notifications
  • Emergency Department notes
  • Laboratory and radiological test results (imaging will not be accessible)
  • Physician/Clinic letters
  • OR Notes
  • Progress Notes
  • Medication list
  • Problem list
  • Allergies

Sensitive patient records may require patient authorization prior to accessing the record. The “Break the Glass” notification will instruct you that a signed patient authorization is required prior to viewing the record entry, with steps to take to procure the signed authorization

What future services will be available through the Provider Portal? 

Future services will include e-referrals and provider messaging.

How long does a Primary Care Provider have access to a patient's medical record?

Providers who have been identified in the EMR system by the patient as the patient's Primary Care Provider will have access to the medical record for as long as the provider is indicated as such.

How long will other providers with a relationship to the patient have access to the medical record?

Providers with a temporary relationship to the patient, such as consulting, care team members, attending and referring physicians will have access to a patient's medical record for as long as they maintain that relationship. Access to patient medical records for providers without an established relationship will be granted access for 10 days through the patient matching functionality.

Is there a fee for using the Provider Portal?

Michigan Medicine is providing the Provider Portal at no cost to referring providers. The Provider Portal is a web-based service that requires no installation on your servers or computers.