Wound Care Clinic

Helping Patients Heal

Treatment of non-healing wounds can be challenging. At the University of Michigan Comprehensive Wound Care Clinic, we are committed to treating chronic wounds through a multidisciplinary approach, so you may heal and return to a normal life.  By bringing together specialists from all aspects of wound care into one location, you can conveniently receive the best therapy options for wound healing.

Our Multidisciplinary Team

A variety of wounds can be managed at the Comprehensive Wound Care Clinic, including ulcers, non-healing surgical wounds, malignant wounds, skin tears, radiation burns, and autoimmune ulcers. Additionally, patients recently discharged from the hospital with a wound may benefit from follow up in our clinic.

We will work with your physician to coordinate care and keep them informed of your progress.  It all starts with an evaluation and then treatment by one of more of our specialty providers and certified wound specialists including:

  • Advanced Practice Clinicians
  • Certified Wound Nurses
  • Family Medicine
  • Infectious Disease
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Physical Therapy
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Podiatry
  • Social Work

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

When tissue is injured, it may require more oxygen to heal.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves patients breathing oxygen at high pressure from a comfortable delivery system called "oxygen hoods."  During treatment, patients relax in large recliner chairs and sit upright.  

Wound Care Services

Many services are offered for the management of chronic wounds. These services include:

  • Wound evaluation and monitoring
  • Cleaning and bandaging
  • Advanced dressing selection
  • Pressure treatments, including compression wraps and negative-pressure wound therapy
  • Medications
  • Moisture treatments and tissue builders
  • Biological dressing/Skin substitutes
  • Physical Therapy, including electro-stimulation, a therapy that uses electric current to trigger natural healing processes, and pulsed lavage, a treatment that uses pulsing water to clean wounds
  • Surgical therapies, if necessary, including removing unhealthy or dead tissue that prohibits the healing of wounds, or wound biopsies to detect abnormal tissues or infection
  • Coordination of advanced surgical or medical care if indicated

Get an Appointment

Some insurers requires prior authorization for our services.  If you have any questions specific to your insurance, please call the Wound Care Clinic at 734-936-9795.  Our knowledgeable staff will guide you on the best way to set up an appointment.