Adult Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) Program

The Michigan Medicine Adult Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) Program focuses on providing care to patients with inherited neuropathies. The CMT Program is a designated Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Care Center and a CMT Association Center of Excellence.

We work closely with these organizations through a multidisciplinary and evidence-based approach to achieve our mutual goal of maximizing function and quality of life of people living with CMT.

Causes and Symptoms of CMT

Causes: CMT is an inherited disorder of the peripheral nerves, caused by changes, or mutations, in a person’s genetic material (DNA), that code for proteins in the nerve fibers.

Symptoms: Patients may experience sensory symptoms, muscle weakness and balance difficulties. This program also cares for patients with inherited distal myopathies (lower leg weakness) who may have similar symptoms to patients with CMT.  

Type of Patient at CMT Program

The CMT Program at Michigan Medicine is equipped to care for a wide variety of patients including those who are still seeking a diagnosis of a suspected inherited neuropathy, the newly diagnosed and those with an established diagnosis.  

What to Expect During Your Visit

The CMT Program meets weekly on Friday mornings. Patients are seen by a neuromuscular specialist, physiatrist and orthotist who specialize in CMT. Patients may be referred for physical and occupational therapy if indicated.

Genetic testing and discussion of genetic results is also available. During routine follow-up visits, we monitor for progression of disease, assistive device needs & medications for neuropathic pain medications and treatments for CMT as they become available.

About the CMT Program Team

Our expert healthcare team includes a neuromuscular specialist, a physiatrist, an orthotist, and social workers. When indicated, we collaborate closely with orthopedic surgery, pulmonary, and wheelchair seating.
Neuromuscular Specialist: Gary Gallagher, M.D.  
Physiatrist: Mary Schmidt, D.O.  
Orthotist: Alicia Baxter, CPO  

Our Research

The University of Michigan CMT Program participates in research conducted through the Inherited Neuropathy Consortium. Our goal is to improve the functional outcomes of patients with CMT and promote research in the field.  Participation in clinical research is voluntary and refusal will not affect the care patients receive.

Patient Resources 

Make an Appointment

Typical appointments time is 1 to 2 hours for new patients and 1 hour for established patients. We will attempt to schedule same day visits for multiple symptomatic family members (if desired) though each individual requires a referral to the clinic to facilitate scheduling.  

To make an appointment, call 734-936-9006