Virtual Care Frequently Asked Questions

MyUofMHealth Patient Portal FAQs

How can I learn more about the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal?

More information about the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal can be found at the MyUofMHealth webpage:       
  • To review MyUofMHealth Patient Portal FAQs go here.
  • To learn about how to sign up for online for a MyUofMHealth Patient Portal Account go here.
  • To sign up for an account with an already existing activation code go here.

Who do I contact if I’m having trouble with MyUofMHealth Patient Portal account or the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app?

For technical issues please email or call (734) 615-0872 during business hours, to speak with a patient portal representative.    

How do I set up the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app on my smartphone or tablet?

  1. Activate your MyUofMHealth patient portal account at
  2. On your smartphone or tablet, search “MyUofMHealth” in either the Apple iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.
    • Tip 1: Look for a pink folder with a heart.
    • Tip 2: For Apple iPads, when searching for “MyUofMHealth”, make sure you are looking for iPhone apps and not iPad only.
  3. Sync your MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app with your MyUofMHealth patient portal account.
    • Open the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app and follow prompts to select “provider.”
    • Search for the State of Michigan.
    • From a list of providers, select Michigan Medicine’s patient portal:

If you have trouble downloading the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app, please email or call (734) 615-0872 during business hours, to speak with a patient portal representative.

I need access to a MyUofMHealth Patient Portal account for my child under age 18 or for an adult with diminished mental capacity (i.e. a proxy account), how can I set that up?

I am a child between 11 and 17 and I would like my own MyUofMHealth Patient Portal account, how can I set that up?

E-Visit FAQs

What is an E-Visit?

An E-Visit is a convenient way to contact a Michigan Medicine provider for common, non-urgent medical conditions. You can submit a questionnaire regarding your symptoms for a variety of specific conditions and receive a quick reply from a Michigan Medicine provider through the MyUofMHealth patient portal. Depending on your symptoms, your provider can also prescribe a medication for you.    

Who can submit an E-Visit?

E-Visits are available for U-M primary care patients who are enrolled in the MyUofMHealth patient portal. Pediatric E-Visits must be submitted by a parent or guardian with proxy access. Learn more about proxy access at MyUofMHealth.

How do I request an E-Visit? 

  1. Log in to your patient portal account at
  2. Select the E-Visit option under the “Visits” tab.
  3. Answer a few short questions about your health.
  4. Receive a written response from a Michigan Medicine provider via your MyUofMHealth patient portal.

What conditions can be treated by an E-Visit?

At this time, E-Visits are available for the following conditions                         

Adult Patients

  • Cough or Flu Like Symptoms
  • Sinus Problems
  • Red Eye
  • Diarrhea
  • Painful Urination
  • Vaginal Discharge or Irritation

Pediatric Patients

  • Cough or Flu Like Symptoms
  • Cold and Sore Throat
  • Red Eye
  • Diarrhea
  • Diaper Rash
  • Constipation

When are E-Visit services available?

You may request an E-Visit anytime day or night—seven days a week.    

When will I receive a response after I submit an E-Visit?

You will receive a response from a Michigan Medicine provider the same day if your E-Visit is submitted before noon. E-Visits submitted after noon will be responded to by the next day. E-Visits may not be responded to on holidays.    

How much does an E-Visit cost?

There is a $25 cost to submit an E-Visit. You may pay by credit, debit, or a health savings account card.    

Will I be charged if I am not able to be treated by an E-Visit?

You will not be charged for the E-Visit if the Michigan Medicine provider determines that an E-Visit is not appropriate for your condition. They will direct you to schedule an in-person appointment instead.    

Does my insurance company cover E-Visits?

Currently, most insurance companies do not cover E-Visits.    

Will I receive a phone call when I submit an E-Visit?

No, a Michigan Medicine provider will send you a written treatment plan via your MyUofMHealth patient portal.    

What is a written treatment plan?

A written treatment plan is a unique message sent from a Michigan Medicine provider to your MyUofMHealth patient portal. A written treatment plan may include:    
  • Advice on how to treat your common, non-urgent health condition at home
  • Prescriptions (as needed)
  • Recommendations to avoid public settings like work or school (as needed)
  • Suggestions for medications that do not need to be prescribed (as needed)

Will I receive a prescription when I submit an E-Visit?

You will receive a prescription if the Michigan Medicine providers finds that it is medically necessary. Sometimes, it may be suggested that you take a medication that does not need to be prescribed.    

Where will my prescription be sent?

You will select which pharmacy you would like your prescription to be sent when you complete the E-Visit.    

Video Visit FAQs

What is a video visit?

A video visit is live face-to-face visit with your doctor or healthcare provider using your smartphone or tablet and the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app to connect. It is a scheduled appointment that can take place from the comfort of your home, office, or other private location within the State of Michigan.    

Are video visits secure?

Video visits use your MyUofMHealth Patient Portal account to connect and are fully secure, confidential, and compliant with all medical privacy laws.    

Am I eligible for a video visit?

Ask your Michigan Medicine provider if they offer video visits for your individual healthcare needs.    

Why do I have to use a smartphone or tablet for a video visit?

Though you can technically access video visits from the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal web browser on a desktop or laptop computer, Michigan Medicine does not recommend nor can we support video visits from a desktop or laptop computer. The process to install the appropriate plug-ins for a desktop or laptop can be burdensome and riddled with problems and will take additional time to set-up and prepare. There is also a higher likelihood the visits will fail to connect. We recommend that patients use the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app for a successful video visit.    

Will my insurance pay for video visits?

Though video visits are covered by many insurance policies, there are still some insurance policies that will not cover video visits for patients at home. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to confirm your insurance coverage.        

How to Confirm Coverage for your Video Visit: To confirm coverage with your insurance company you will need to ask if you are covered for a live two–way audiovisual communication between the physician and patient when the patient is located at home. Please reiterate that you will be at home for the video visit.
The insurance company will also need to know that your provider will bill for the visit at this information can be provided by your clinic:
CPT Code: __________________________ with a GT modifier. 

If a Video Visit is NOT a covered Benefit: If your insurance does not offer video visits as a covered benefit, you will be eligible for a self-pay patient discount for the video visit if you call Patient Financial Services at 1-855-855-0863 once you receive your bill for the service. Medicare patients billed for CPT Code 99212 to 99215 should automatically receive the discount and will not need to call Patient Financial Services for the discount.

If a Video Visit IS a covered Benefit: If you have coverage, then your plan will process video visits the same as a face-to-face visit and assign copay, coinsurance and/or deductible as based on your plan benefits. Covered benefits are not eligible for the patient pay discount.

Why should I opt for a video visit?

Video visits offer a convenient opportunity to connect to your Michigan Medicine doctor or health care provider without having to travel to our medical campus. The video visits are fully secure and offer the same high-quality care that you would expect from an in-person visit, without requiring you to leave your home or office.    

What can I expect from the video visit (i.e. how long, what will happen)?

The length of video visit appointments vary from clinic to clinic but are often scheduled for the same period of time as an in-person visit.               

What happens during a video visit will obviously vary from provider to provider based on the patient but the visit will be very similar to an in-person visit with the exception that the provider will not be able to do any exam requiring physical touch.

What if my doctor or healthcare provider is late for my video visit?

Just like an in-person visit it may be that your doctor or healthcare provider is tied up with other patients and running behind schedule. We ask that you remain patient and in the virtual waiting room until your provider connects. If it appears that your provider is exceptionally late to the video visit please contact the clinic number associated with your appointment and explain that you are trying to connect to a video visit and that your provider has not yet connected.               

We do ask that doctors and other healthcare providers offering video visits have a system in place to reach out to patients to let them know if a provider is running behind schedule.

What types of devices can I use for my video visit? Do I need specialized equipment?

You only need a video-enabled smartphone or tablet with the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app downloaded to the device.               

There are some compatibility issues with older models of smartphones or tablets so please make sure to download the latest version of the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app and check your MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app’s connectivity well in advance of your visit.

What if I am not tech savvy?

You do not need to be tech savvy to conduct a video visit. The technology has been designed so that anyone can use it. If you are having trouble, please ask for help! Many of our patients will ask family members to help them conduct the visit. Support staff is also available to assist you. If you need help with your MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app, please call 734-615-0872 to speak with a patient portal representative.    

What if there are technical problems during the video visit?

We try to prevent technical issues by asking patients to test their connection and set-up in advance of the visit but still there may be times where technical issues occur. If you are having technical issues there are a few basic steps you can take to see if you can fix the issue.

  1. Are you trying to access the video visit from a laptop or desktop computer or an internet browser instead of the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app? We have found that most of our calls from failed visits involve patients trying to access the video visits from another means beyond the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app. This is why we only recommend using the App on your smartphone or tablet for video visits.
  2. Are you in a location with a strong wireless signal or cellular data signal? In some places of business even with a strong wireless signal the network may block outside apps. If possible try to connect to another network or use your cellular data.
  3. Do you have the most up to date version of the MyUofMHealth Patient Portal mobile app? Check for updates in the iTunes or Google App store.
  4. Are there multiple apps running in the background slowing the connection?
  5. Is your audio muted or are your headphones connected correctly if using headphones?

If you continue to have problems or if you get disconnected during your video visit your doctor or healthcare provider may call you-or you can call the clinic phone number listed on your appointment and explain that you are trying to connect with your provider for a video visit. It may be necessary to reschedule for another time.

For further technical support, please email or call (734) 615-0872 during business hours, to speak with a patient portal representative.