Appointments and Admissions

For Physicians: M-LINE, 800-962-3555 

Toll-free service for health care professionals. One number, unlimited assistance - you can schedule outpatient appointments, request a physician-to-physician consultation, coordinate a patient transfer, or inquire about any clinical services, 24-hours a day.

Outpatient Appointments: 800-962-3555

The following information is a helpful checklist to assist your patient on what to bring to their outpatient clinic appointment:

  • Hand-carry any non-UM medical records, Radiology films or Pathology slides
  • List of all current medications (types, dosages and allergies)
  • Managed Care Referral Authorization (insurance authorization forms can also be faxed directly to the Health System's document control center at 734-936-5700

Inpatient Admission and Transfer Requests: 800-962-3555

The Admission Triage Coordinator will be working with the sending facility to access the following information:

  • Clinical presentation obtained via a detailed clinical screen
  • Level of care required, medical necessity, and benefit to patient
  • Evaluation of closer facilities offering the same required level of care
  • Insurance availability, eligibility, and authorization for transfer

The Admissions and Bed Coordination Center is staffed 24/7 by Admission Triage Coordinators to assist you with transfer requests and to coordinate patient flow to improve our ability to respond to urgent requests.

When you call, an Admission Triage Coordinator will request the following information:

  1. Referring hospital name and phone number
  2. Referring physician name and number
  3. Patient name, age, diagnosis, and type of specialty care or service requested
  4. Insurance, eligibility, and authorization for transfer.
  5. Requesting hospital face sheet - You will be asked to fax clinical information which is imaged immediately into our information system for rapid reference for accepting UMHS physicians.

Non-emergent patients, will be evaluated by the Admission Triage Coordinators in the Transfer Center and screened for medical necessity and as a benefit to the patient. They provide the supporting data necessary for the UMHS physician to help make the definitive decision of determining if UMHS is the most appropriate facility for care.

For urgent requests, accepted by our physicians, our Admission Triage Coordinator's work with our transport team to coordinate air or ground transportation for patients whose clinical condition requires this level of support.