Michigan Medicine Standard Charges

If you are looking to get an accurate estimate of charges and out-of-pocket costs for a service based on your current plan benefits, please see our Estimates for Out-of-Pocket Costs page for links to our online estimator tool.

Standard charges are being published to meet a recent Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) requirement. Please note that “Standard Charges” DO NOT REPRESENT YOUR ESTIMATED OUT OF POCKET COST.

Standard Hospital Charges

  • This listing contains prices of all standard charges effective for services as of 7/2/2024.
  • Operating Room charges are based on time spent in the OR and the surgical level assigned to the procedure. These fees cover OR staff, set-up/clean-up, instrument trays, and equipment.
  • Service packages may be listed separately where there is an agreement between Michigan Medicine and the insurance company for payment of grouped services. These packages may have different payment rates based on location and packaged charge amount. In accordance with CMS requirements we have included hospital inpatient locations and stand-alone emergency rooms.
  • Certain items are variably priced based on the cost of acquiring the item (eg: supplies and pharmacy).  These charges may reflect differently on a patient bill depending on the amount of item used, cost to acquire, and conversion to standard billing units.
  • Some payers reimburse less for multiple radiology or surgical procedures performed within the same episode of care. These may not be represented in the file.
  • Some payers utilize a third-party payer to cover certain services (ex: DME, hospital labs), have medical policies that restrict usage, and/or individual employer groups may not cover certain services.  In these situations, the actual reimbursement may differ from the expected reimbursement indicated.
  • Listing of current daily charges applied to your inpatient stay or per minute charges applied to your bedded outpatient stay. Pricing varies based on the pavilion to which you are admitted, due to the variation in nursing services/equipment/supplies included in these rates:
    • UH/CVC – University and Cardiovascular Hospitals
    • CW – CS Mott Children’s and Women’s Hospital
    • Behavioral Medicine – Acute Care Psychiatric Unit
    • VH – Von Voitlander Women’s Hospital
  • Diagnosis-related group (DRG) is a system to classify hospital cases based on a patient’s diagnosis into one of approximately 750 groups, also referred to as DRGs. A hospital case with the same DRG is expected to have similar hospital resource use. DRGs have been used in the United States since 1983.
  • The listing of DRGs shows the Michigan Medicine projected payment for those DRGs, excluding any outlier payments that may occur if charges exceed statutory thresholds.

Download University of Michigan Health Standard Hospital Charges zip file. Note that the file is very large and may take several minutes to download. File updated 7/2/2024.


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