Helping Patients Prepare for Surgery

About the Michigan Surgical and Health Optimization Program (MSHOP)

People train to get in shape for races and vacations, so why not surgery? We believe every patient should train, physically and mentally, before an operation. The Michigan Surgical and Health Optimization Program’s (MSHOP) goal is to help you adopt healthier habits so you can be as healthy and strong as you can be before and after surgery. This may: 

  • Shorten your hospital stay
  • Lower your chances of problems after surgery
  • Speed up your recovery time

If you have been referred to MSHOP, a team member will reach out to you soon to discuss the program more in depth in a 10-15 minute phone call. During this brief call, you’ll gain access to our easy reporting tools.

Getting Started with MSHOP

The Michigan Surgical and Health Optimization Program (MSHOP) focuses on several action areas to help you prepare for your surgery. Learn more about each action area by clicking on the link to the associated patient education guide PDF.

  • Move: Research has shown that people who are stronger before surgery, do better. Even simply walking can increase strength and endurance.
  • Prepare your lungs: Deep breathing and incentive spirometer use improves your lung function and may reduce your risk of breathing problems after surgery, including pneumonia,
  • Choose healthy foods: Eating a healthy diet before and after your surgery will help your body handle the stress of surgery, fight infection and heal quickly.
  • Create a positive mindset: It is normal to feel anxious, nervous and hesitant about your upcoming surgery. Managing the stress of preparing for surgery can be challenging. However, there are things that you can do to help.
  • Learn about safe and effective pain management: Your surgical team’s goal is to control your pain after surgery so you can do the things you need to do to heal: walk, eat, breathe deeply, and sleep.
  • Share your progress: This program offers an opportunity for you to share your progress with us as you are working to make healthy changes. 

View the complete Getting Started with MSHOP PDF booklet or the printer-friendly version.

Make an Appointment

If you have questions about the program or would like to contact us to complete the sign-up process, call 734-232-1293.