Paying Your Bill

To ensure that the billing process goes smoothly, please:

  • Provide a current phone number, address, and most recent insurance information.
  • Understand your insurance benefits, limitations and procedures.
  • Be prepared to make payment at the time of service for co-pays and non-covered services if your insurance company requires a co-pay or out-of-pocket expense.

For billing & insurance questions: Toll-Free 855-855-0863
Local Call 734-615-0863

Contact Patient Customer Service at 1-855-855-0863 to make arrangements if you cannot pay your balance in full. All patients are responsible for balances due on their accounts, and payment is due upon receipt of the bill. UMHS employs third-party collection agencies to help us resolve unpaid balances.

Pay Your Bill Online

Follow these steps to pay your bill online.

1.  Go to the patient portal home page. If you are already registered, log in. If you aren't yet registered, you may begin the sign-up process. For questions or more information about

2.  Select the Billing & Insurance tab of the portal. (Please note that because of security measures, you cannot pay bills through the MyChart app for Apple or Android.)

3.  View your billing account summary, which includes information about any hospital and professional services received after February 1, 2012.

4.  If you have an outstanding balance on an account, click Pay Bill to pay online using a credit card. 

Pay Your Bill by Mail

University of Michigan Health System
Patient Customer Services
Dept: CH14410
Palatine, Illinois 60055-4410