For Families and Visitors

Plan Ahead for Valet and Parking Delays

Valet services on our main hospital campus in Ann Arbor are currently affected by the nationwide labor shortage. We know valet is an essential service for many of our patients, and are taking a number of steps to address the issues affecting this service.

In the meantime, we encourage self-parking for patients and guests when possible. Please plan your arrival time to allow for possible delays. Learn more about parking at the main medical center.

Visitor Policy During COVID-19

Our visitor policy has changed temporarily due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and may continue to change as the situation evolves.

Please see our Michigan Medicine Visitor Guidelines During COVID-19 page for the most updated information.

For ideas to connect with your loved one in the hospital when you are not able to visit in person, see our PDF: 

How can I reach a patient in the hospital?

The hospital operator can help connect you to a patient. Please call 734-936-4000. Operators can also connect calls to all Michigan Medicine services and staff, and paging services.

What can I expect in a semi-private room?

Being in a semi-private room requires additional sensitivity to respect the privacy of the other patient, the roommate’s family members, and visitors. The following rules and expectations help to ensure the safety and privacy of all patients:

  • We may ask your family members and/or visitors to leave the room when your roommate is about to receive care, or to allow a sensitive discussion to take place.
  • We may ask your family members to use a different area to sleep, for example the lounge.  
  • We expect family members and visitors to be sensitive to the volume of their conversations and maintain a low level of noise.
  • During the night time (between 9pm and 8 am), family members will need to silence their phones and pagers and have phone conversations in a different location so that sleep can be maximized.
  • Family members and visitors should use the public restrooms rather than the bathroom located in your room.

What expectations do you have for family and visitors?

In order to ensure the safety and health of all patients and our staff, people who show signs and symptoms of a communicable disease are not allowed to visit. Please see our updated COVID-19 visitor policies at the top of the page. We expect family members and visitors to treat patients, visitors and staff with respect, and preserve the privacy of our other patients and enter only your room.

How can I find a place to stay overnight while I am visiting a loved one?

The Patient Visitor Accommodations service is available 24 hours/day to help you find a room in Ann Arbor at lower cost. At the request of participating hotels and motels, all questions and room requests must go through “Patient Visitor Accommodations”. For more information visit