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When it opened in 1925, the University of Michigan’s flagship hospital was one of the largest, most modern facilities of its kind in the world... Read more
This week in 1891, two massive new brick buildings opened on Catherine Street in Ann Arbor, ushering in a new era of U-M medical care... Read more
The Second World War had ended three years before. Hundreds of thousands of veterans across America needed care for the physical and mental wounds they’d... Read more
When it opened in 1906 on Catherine Street near the University of Michigan’s main hospitals, the stately brick State Psychopathic Hospital meant something new in... Read more
For 100 years after the dawn of medical care at the University of Michigan, patients who wanted to have their ailments treated by the university’s... Read more
A century ago, coming to the University of Michigan for medical care meant finding your way to one of eight medical buildings off Catherine Street,... Read more
History is all around us on the main Michigan Medicine campus. Which isn’t surprising, given that our Medical School opened in 1850 and our first... Read more
Every July, a new crop of recent medical school graduates arrives at teaching hospitals nationwide – including hundreds at Michigan Medicine. They become part of... Read more
Ask someone in their 70s or older, and they’ll probably remember the fear that gripped the United States in the summers of their childhood, as... Read more
Right now in hospitals around the world, health care professionals taking care of patients with COVID-19 are going to great lengths to protect themselves and... Read more
One hundred and fifty years ago this month, a milestone in American medical history happened on the University of Michigan campus. At their March meeting,... Read more
For nearly 100 years after the Civil War, African-Americans who aspired to become doctors had few choices – but the University of Michigan was one... Read more
Today, we take them for granted. Huge university medical centers, filled with patients who travel miles to receive care that’s available nowhere else, from teams... Read more
One hundred and fifty years ago this month, something extraordinary happened at the University of Michigan. Its effects have reverberated down through history – not... Read more