Taubman Health Center - Floor B1

Cancer Center B1

Directions to Floor B1 Taubman Center:

Parking for B1 of the A. Alfred Taubman Health Care Center is in Parking Structure P2. Remember the level on which you parked. Bring your parking coupon with you to your appointment to be validated at the Welcome Center for a reduced rate.

Locate the parking structure elevator. Look at your appointment notice for the floor and reception location of your appointment. For clinics on Floor B1, take the parking structure elevator to Floor 1.

Exit the Parking Elevator at Floor 1. Follow the overhead signs to Elevator 4. Take Elevator 4 to Floor B1.

HOPE Ambassadors (wearing yellow vests) are available to help with wayfinding.

If you need to look up appointment information or a patient room number, please go to a Welcome Center located on Floor 1 or Floor 2.

*Detailed directions to services located on Floor B1 of the Taubman Center are listed below. Look for signage to assist you in finding your location.

Exit the elevator on Floor B1 and immediately turn right. The entrance to the Ophthalmology clinic is at the end of this short hallway.