Cancer Center - Floor 2

Cancer Center - Floor 2

Directions to Cancer Center Floor 2:

Parking for the U-M Rogel Cancer Center is in parking structure P1. If you have an appointment at a cancer clinic located in the Taubman Center, please note that you will want to follow signs to the Taubman Center parking structure A; further along East Medical Center Drive.

Enter the Cancer Center Building from parking structure P1, 1st floor. When you enter the building you will be on Floor B2. The Information and Registration Desk is in front of you as you walk in the door.

*Detailed directions to services located on Floor 2 of the U-M Rogel Cancer Center are listed below. Look for signage to assist you in finding your location.

The elevators are across from the Registration Information desk on Floor B2. Take the elevator to Floor 2 to access University Hospital and other medical center buildings.