For Health Providers

COVID-19 Spotlight: For Health Providers

Coronavirus Updates for Providers

Michigan Medicine remains committed to partnering with your practice to care for your patients. We have taken a number of steps to further protect patients against exposure to COVID-19 in our hospitals and health centers.

We continue to operate our surgical programs and have re-opened clinical services that were temporarily paused during the first COVID-19 surge.

Michigan Medicine has dramatically expanded access to Video Visits across all specialty areas. Video Visits allow patients to experience a live face-to-face visit with a Michigan Medicine healthcare provider, including all aspects of a traditional appointment except for a physical exam, using a smartphone or tablet and the MyUofMHealth mobile app.

Michigan Medicine is here for you and your patients, now and always. Please contact us with any questions or opportunities to better collaborate with your practice.

Key COVID-19 Resources for Your Patients

Your referral relationship with Michigan Medicine is highly valued. We want your patients to have the best experience possible, especially when you choose to refer them to us.

Call M-LINE to Refer a Patient: 800-962-3555

M-LINE is a single, 24-hour, toll-free number for referring physicians and their staff seeking access to clinical services and faculty at Michigan Medicine. The M-LINE staff work closely with personnel across Michigan Medicine to provide efficient and personalized service. Call M-LINE at 800-962-3555 today and a representative will help you get the information you need or connect you to the right location.

Upload Patient Images

Michigan Medicine contracts with Life Image, a third-party image exchange network, to transfer images electronically to Michigan Medicine. This system is both secure and HIPAA-compliant.

You may upload patient images through your organization's existing Life Image connection with Michigan Medicine, or use a one-time image upload option. Visit our Upload Your Images page for more information.

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