Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Patient Care Guide

The links below will provide information on our Adult Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program. This material comes directly from our Kidney Transplant Patient Education Guide.

Below is an education resource provided to all patients at their evaluation appointment. This is contains helpful information for patients as they start their transplant journey.

Kidney Education Booklet Evaluation

Below is a condensed version of the kidney patient education materials. This contains key information that is essential for our kidney transplant patients. We have also translated this into Spanish and Arabic.

The U-M Transplant Center also offers a free Kidney Transplantation Education app for Apple and Android.

Living Kidney Donation

There are several advantages for a transplant candidate to receive a living kidney transplant.  The major advantage is that the recipient does not have to wait as long for a transplant. Learn more about living kidney donation and becoming a living kidney donor (English) and (Spanish).