People Helping People at the University of Michigan Transplant Center

The opportunity for a new life occurs every day at the University of Michigan Transplant Center.

Since the first transplant in Michigan took place at the University of Michigan back in 1964, more than 10,000 patients have benefited from our devotion to the individual. This makes us the largest and most experienced transplant center in Michigan--and among the largest in the nation.

Our transplant expertise include:

We strive to maintain our tradition of excellence in transplant medicine. We have seen transplantation progress from an experimental, risky procedure to a successful medical therapy. The University of Michigan Transplant Center is always performing cutting-edge research that will benefit today's patient and the patients of the future. We are dedicated to leadership in the development of innovative techniques, to improvement in the quality of life for organ transplant recipients, to education programs related to transplantation, and to enhanced organ donation awareness aimed at improving the availability of organs.

Our Transplant Specialty Pharmacy has pharmacists and customer service staff specialized in transplant medications and dedicated solely to assisting our patients through their treatment process. Our individual relationships with patients allow us to monitor their progress, remind them of scheduled refills, and assure that they can stay on the path designed for them in their treatment plan.

Camp Michitanki (Michigan Transplant Kids) is a summer camp created by the Transplant Center to provide an exciting summer experience for children who have had an organ transplant. Campers participate in a variety of summer camp activities and have the opportunity to interact with other organ transplant recipients in a non-medical setting. Transplant nurses, physicians, social workers and other community volunteers provide a fun, medically supervised, camping experience.  Watch our latest video.

To learn about insurance and financial aspects of transplantation, visit the "Am I a Transplant Candidate" page.

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To make an appointment to evaluate your need within our Transplant Center, call a patient care representative at 1-800-333-9013.