Transplant Community

Camp Michitanki | Second Chance Song | Vita Redita Gala Dinner and Auction

The University of Michigan Transplant Center's comprehensive care team embodies our rich transplant community, made up of a diverse group of dedicated individuals that includes:

  • University of Michigan Transplant Center faculty physicians and surgeons
  • University of Michigan Transplant Center support team members
  • Volunteers
  • Organ donors
  • Organ recipients
  • Financial supporters

We host a number of public events such as golf, bowling and an elegant gala each year that raise money to support things like our patient emergency fund and Camp Michitanki. For more information about Transplant Center events, please call Bob Garypie at 734-936-3460 or visit our Transplant Center Events Facebook page.

Camp Michitanki

Camp Michitanki (Michigan Transplant Kids) is a summer camp created by the University of Michigan Transplant Center in 2003 to provide an exciting camping experience for children 7-15 years of age who have had an organ transplant at any hospital. Campers spend six days each summer participating in a variety of activities and have the opportunity to develop life skills in a fun residential camp setting.

Transplant nurses, physicians, social workers and other community volunteers work with dedicated camp facility staff to provide a "normal" and medically supervised camping experience. Children are divided by age and gender and assigned into cabin groups for the week. Camp Michitanki is sponsored by the University of Michigan Transplant Center and hosted at North Star Reach in Pinckney, Michigan.

Camp Michitanki expenses are approximately $80,000 each year, giving upwards of 100 transplant recipient children a summer camp experience. Camp Michitanki is funded entirely by donations and proceeds from fundraising events such as golf and bowling events. Everyone is welcome to participate in supporting camp. Details about volunteering and registering as a camper, as well as our fundraising events can be found on our events web

To view the full playlist, visit our YouTube page.

Second Chance Song

The song "Second Chance" was written by Hunter Brucks to provide support for Camp Michitanki. The proceeds from the sale of this song will benefit Camp Michitanki. Hunter Brucks performed this song at the National Donor Recognition Ceremony in Washington, DC on July 22, 2007.

About Hunter Brucks

Hunter Brucks is a singer and songwriter from the tiny town of Maybee in southeast Michigan. In 2006 Mr. Brucks learned about Camp Michitanki, the University of Michigan's summer camp for children who have received organ transplants. He was so moved by the gratitude of transplant kids and the generosity of organ donation that he stayed up all night long writing a truly inspired song entitled "Second Chance." It is such an incredible message of thanks and hope, that it has captured the attention of everyone who has heard it. In the summer of 2007, the song was released to the public in cooperation with a dozen national and international organizations, allowing the wider community to hear its wonderful message of thanks to organ donors for giving others a second chance at life.

Vita Redita

Vita Redita means "Life Restored" and is the name of our annual gala dinner and auction held each autumn at the Jack Roth Stadium Club at Michigan Stadium. All proceeds benefit the University of Michigan Transplant Center and our programs including research and educational outreach, the patient emergency fund and Camp Michitanki.

For more information about the Vita Redita and other Transplant Center events visit, our Transplant Center Events Facebook page, or contact Julia Zaher at 734-232-0594.