Vaginoplasty and Phalloplasty

Michigan Medicine is proud to provide vaginoplasty and phalloplasty for transgender people. To access either surgery, refer to the process below:

  • Fill out and return the Service Inquiry Form for CGSP.
  • For genital surgery, two letters of support from mental health clinicians are required. Meet with two fully licensed mental health clinicians who are knowledgeable about gender identity, and who are able and willing to write letters of support for surgery. Contact us if you need a referral to such a clinician.
  • Ensure that each mental health clinician sends a letter of support for the surgery to: CGSP, 4250 Plymouth Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48109. The letter may also be faxed to 734-998-2152. The letter must come directly from the therapist to CGSP via mail or fax. If your therapist does not have experience writing letters of support for medical intervention for transgender people, please encourage them to contact us before writing the letter.
  • Our surgeons require that all hair at the surgical site is permanently removed. Patients seeking a vaginoplasty should begin the hair removal process prior to the consultation with the surgeon, following the hair removal diagram below. Patients seeking a phalloplasty must wait to begin hair removal until after the consultation with the surgeon, as a hair removal diagram unique to the technique used for a particular individual will be shared at the consultation.
  • CGSP must receive both letters within a few months of each other, as they must both be dated within six months of the date you see the surgeon for your consultation appointment. If CGSP receives one letter but not a second letter for several months, your case will be considered “inactive.”

Please note that before you can schedule your consultation appointment with Plastic Surgery, you will need to be completely smoke-free and nicotine-free for at least 2 months. We cannot schedule your consultation appointment if you smoke or vape any substance or use/consume any nicotine-containing products.