Urologic Cancers at the University of Michigan

About Urologic Cancers

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The University of Michigan brings together nationally recognized experts in urologic oncology conditions, including:

Our leadership in common, rare and advanced cancers means patients have access to both the newest standard and investigational therapies.  Led by a multidisciplinary team of urologic surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, nurse practitioners, sexual and reproductive experts, the Urologic Oncology Clinic located in the Rogel Cancer Center offers treatment options that include robotic surgery, genetic sequencing for more advanced or high risk prostate cancer patients, the latest in radiation techniques and all phases of clinical trials.

For more on the types of cancer and treatment options offered through the Urologic Oncology Clinic, visit the Rogel Cancer Center website or call one of our Cancer AnswerLine nurses at 800-865-1125.