Patient Monitoring at Home Program

About the Patient Monitoring at Home Program

The Patient Monitoring at Home Program is designed to engage you in your care and prepare you to independently manage your health after you have completed the program.

Through educational videos, medication reminders, and various communication methods, the remote monitoring program makes it easy for you and your loved ones to learn about your illnesses and how to best manage them.

Enrollment in the program will be determined by your doctor and the Patient Monitoring at Home Nursing Team. During this time, you will use a tablet and wireless monitoring devices, all included in the kit you will receive.

To help you through your recovery, nurses will be monitoring your health and assist you should your health worsen. The Patient Monitoring at Home Nursing Team works closely with your doctor to ensure you remain healthy and happy in the comfort of your home.

Getting Started with the Patient Monitoring at Home Program

Contents of Your Kit

In the kit, you will find a tablet and devices such as a pulse ox, blood pressure cuff and scale.

Your nurse will call you once you are home to introduce you to the program, and walk you through setting up the tablet and how to record your blood pressure, weight, temperature and blood oxygen levels.

During this welcome call, we will talk to you about how to open the educational videos and daily surveys.

Connecting with Your Nurse

When monitoring your readings and survey responses, your nurse may notice a change in your health, such as heart rate or blood pressure changes.

Your nurse may want to voice or video call you through the tablet to check in. You can easily place a call to your nurse through the tablet as well, if you have questions or are having difficulties.

Your Daily Routine

On the program, you’ll be expected to report your daily readings using the monitoring devices. You may need to record your readings several times a day as determined by the team and your doctor.

The readings taken will be automatically recorded on the tablet and visible by your nurse so they can review and monitor your progress.


The tablet will also prompt you to complete daily symptom surveys. The questions asked on the survey are designed specifically for you and will give your nurse a better picture of how you’re feeling each day.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the program, contact our clinical team at 734-477-7248. For non-urgent medical questions, please call your physician.