Refer a Patient

For Physician Office Use 

We value our relationship with you and your patients and want to make the referral process as efficient as possible.  It is our goal to provide your patient with the highest quality of care in the most efficient manner.  We appreciate your confidence in referring your patients to our service. 

To schedule a clinic visit or procedure for any digestive or liver related condition, send your referral electronically, by fax or contact the appropriate Call Center listed below.

  • GI Clinic: 888-229-7408 or Fax: 734-936-5458
    (Colorectal Polyps (EMR), Endoscopic Bariatric Program, Esophageal Disorders, Functional Bowel and Motility, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Michigan Bowel Control Program, Pancreatic Disorders/Interventional, Small Bowel Disorders (DBE/VCE), etc.)
  • GI Behavioral Health Program: 888-229-7408 or Fax: 734-936-5458
    (Patients must be seen by a Michigan Medicine GI physician prior to scheduling with this Program.)
  • Hepatology Clinic: 844-233-0433 or Fax: 734-998-1453
    (Alcohol Liver Disease, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, NAFLD, Wilson Disease, etc.)
  • Medical Procedures Unit: 877-758-2626 or Fax: 734-615-2514
    (Colonoscopy, EGD, Gastric Empty Study, ERCP, EUS, Capsule Endoscopy, etc.)

Due to COVID-19 our clinics are experiencing scheduling delays. Please encourage your patients to contact the appropriate clinic Call Center 3-5 days after you have placed the referral in order to schedule their visit.

Urgent Referrals

Physicians who have urgent referrals that need immediate medical care within 2 weeks should reach out to the appropriate patient care coordinator if your patient has not received a call within 3 days.   

GI Referrals: Suzanne Taylor 734-232-9424
Hepatology Referrals: Laurie Andrzejewski 734-998-0002
Medical Procedure Referrals: Samantha Foster 734-936-9250

In order for us to provide the best possible patient care, expedite the referral process, and schedule an appointment for your patient, we need your assistance. Please fax or send electronically the information listed below to the appropriate clinic.  Fax numbers are provided on the consult form.

  1. Completed GI or Hepatology Request for Consultation form
  2. Office Notes (Current H & P with medication list, including current blood work and provider notes related to diagnosis)
  3. Procedure Results (Colonoscopy, EGD, Gastric Empty Study, pathology report, ERCP, EUS, capsule endoscopy, imaging reports)

Once we receive this information, we will do our best during COVID to contact your patient within 24-72 hours. 

Additional Information

For more referral resources and information, see the Michigan Medicine Health Provider website, or visit the following pages and scroll to the content related to GI and Hepatology:

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