Hospital Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours Help Patients Heal

Quiet Hours are designated periods of time dedicated to promoting rest and sleep. To support your health and healing, the U-M Health System has established Quiet Hours in all of our inpatient areas. We are making every effort to reduce unnecessary noise and to provide resources to support your rest while under our care.

Quiet Hour Times

Overnight: 9 p.m. – 5 a.m.—All inpatient areas.

Daytime: 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.May vary based on your area.

To support your rest and sleep staff will:

  • Ask about your individual rest and sleep needs.
  • Dim lights and close your room door when medically appropriate.
  • Offer you headphones, ear buds, earplugs, sleep masks and instruction on how to use the white noise channel 71 on your TV.
  • Coordinate care to reduce unnecessary entry into your room during quiet hours.
  • Check to see if noise is disrupting your sleep or rest.
  • Do everything we can to limit disruption of sleep when admissions or room changes must occur during quiet hours.
  • Use flashlights to limit putting your room lights on whenever possible at night.

What can patients and families do to help?

  • Be respectful to roommates by limiting TV use during Quiet Hours or using headphones or ear buds when watching TV or other multimedia devices.
  • Keep electronic devices on low ringer or vibrate mode.
  • Talk quietly in person and on the phone.
  • Spend time during “visits” in the Family/Visitor lounges. If you are unable to go to the lounge please be respectful of your roommate.
  • Ask your visitors to limit cell phone calls in your room. Family/Visitor lounges and the cafeteria are available for cell phone use.
  • Tell your healthcare team if noise levels in and around your room are too loud.

Thank you for helping to create a quiet and peaceful experience for all.