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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Podcasts

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Tips to Improve Your Sleep While Working From Home

For those able to work remotely, experts say it’s a good time to address your sleep habits to improve your health.

Planning a Safer Halloween in 2020

5 Ways to Have a Safe Halloween During COVID-19. Try these modifications to help keep the Halloween spirit alive.

The Curve is Fattening, Not Flattening

Now that we know more about the coronavirus, this is the time to stay the course to prevent infections and buy time until vaccines are ready, expert says.

 How to Keep COVID-19 From Invading Your “Pod”

Tips for what to do if someone in your learning group, friend group or social circle gets exposed or sick.

Schools, Kids & COVID

As schools prepare for fall, a small study suggests that young children may carry coronavirus at high levels – but that doesn’t prove they’re contagious.

The Frontline Workers Behind the Scenes

Two forensic pathologists highlight their work as front line workers in the back rooms of the pandemic.

What We Know, and Don't Know, About COVID-19 Reinfection

U-M expert discusses whether repeat cases of COVID-19 is bad news for vaccines.

4 Mask Myths That Put You at Risk

Get to the truth of the matter with these scientifically-backed facts from an infection prevention specialist.

Connecting from the ICU During COVID

Lessons from early peak state of Michigan could inform hospitals in other areas.

Testing the Efficacy of Convalescent Plasma in Treating COVID-19

How researchers, doctors and recovered patients are joining efforts to see if one of the oldest pandemic treatments really works.

Inflammation, Blood Sugar and COVID-19

Preliminary observations of COVID-19 patients with diabetes inspired an algorithm for glucose monitoring that’s suspected to help combat the virus’ serious complications.

Parents Vary in Their Support for Risk Reduction Measures as Schools Reopen

Parents in Michigan, Ohio and Illinois varied in their support for risk-reduction measures like random COVID-19 testing and face mask requirements.

Mind & Body Recovery After COVID-19

Providers find patients hospitalized from COVID-19 need physical and cognitive rehabilitation care to aid in their recovery from the virus’ damaging effects on the body and mind.

Tocilizumab Associated With Lower Death Risk in COVID Patients on Ventilators

Patients who received single intravenous dose of tocilizumab were also more likely to leave the hospital or be off a ventilator within a month, despite double the risk of additional infection.

Can You Travel Safely During COVID?

Health experts share their input on travel and how to make it as safe as possible.

Caring for Someone With COVID-19 at Home

Tips for helping a family member or roommate cope with coronavirus effects, while protecting yourself and others.

Why You Should Wear a Mask, and How to Wear it Properly

Properly wearing a mask or cloth face covering can help keep you safe while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

When a Curve that Needs to Flatten Spikes

Pandemic historians who showed the power of efforts to ‘flatten the curve’ say it will take all-out effort by individuals, industry and elected officials to reduce death and suffering until vaccines are available.

The Mental Strain of Being on the Front Line

The mental health toll of caring for COVID-19 patients will need long-lasting attention, as it adds to already demanding professions.

Determining Fact from Fiction During a Pandemic

As coronavirus research comes at us fast, key things to remember as you read and share the latest news.

Staying Summer Safe During the Pandemic

Five ways to reduce your risk of COVID-19 over the summer holidays and beyond.

COVID-19 Innovations: New Vent-Splitter Offers Tailored Pressure for Multiple Patients

3D printing fuels U-M efforts to rapidly increase ventilator capacity while providing each patient on ventilator support.

Increased Access to Transgender and Non-Binary Health Care During COVID and Beyond

Michigan Medicine experts highlight how their teams have increased access to transgender care during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Studying the Genes Behind COVID-19

Researchers look to the genes behind COVID-19 for early answers.


Rapid shifts removed out-of-pocket costs that could keep people from getting coronavirus care. That trend may continue.

Pandemic May Have Increased Food Insecurity for Aging Population

Food insecurity disparities by age, health status, race, ethnicity and education seen in National Poll on Healthy Aging; pandemic may have worsened them.

Help Scientists Study Sars-CoV-2 and COVID-19

A quick guide to volunteering to help researchers understand the virus, the disease and its effects on people and society.

Living With a Mental Health Condition in a Pandemic

Practical tips and online support can help people with depression, anxiety and other conditions cope.

Resources to Support Children with Autism During COVID-19 Pandemic

For children with autism, disruptions in schedules and treatment may exacerbate behavior troubles.

How ECMO Could Help COVID-19 Patients

For worst hit young and healthy patients, ECMO could offer a chance at life; worldwide data collection under way to guide use of advanced care.

COVID-Related Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome (PMIS)

The novel coronavirus still affects a very small number of children, but new reports describe serious symptoms in some pediatric cases in parts of the U.S. and Europe.

Disproportionate Death Rate During COVID Shows Persistent Racial Inequities and the Need to Address Them

A startling and disproportionate death rate among black Americans around the country from COVID-19 is revealing persistent inequities and the need for solutions to address them.

Going From Nurse to Patient During a Pandemic

Michelle Davis knew the possible complications of the coronavirus, but never imagined she would become a patient herself.

Nursing Home Preparedness During Pandemics

A Survey of Michigan nursing homes at start of coronavirus suggests great improvement since just before the H1N1 pandemic.

Pregnancy in the Time of COVID

More research is needed to better understand how the coronavirus affects moms and babies. An OB/GYN weighs in about what we know and don’t know.

Preventing a Second Peak in the Curve for COVID-19

History shows the dangers of relaxing restrictions too soon in a pandemic.

MEDIC Works to Help Colleagues Take On COVID-19

A collaborative for emergency departments across the state of Michigan is working to help its colleagues through various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Drafted" for COVID-19: Resources for Doctors Providing Care Outside Their Norm

As more and more hospitals across the U.S. admit patients with COVID-19, a Michigan team offers advice for doctors “drafted" for duties outside their norm.

Seeking Innovative Solutions to Treat COVID-19

Researchers from the University of Michigan have developed a helmet solution to provide support for COVID-19 patients, protect health care workers and safeguard hospital systems.

Preventing Pediatric Injury During COVID and Beyond

Being cooped up at home due to social distancing could put kids at higher risk of getting hurt. An expert offers tips for avoiding emergency room visits.

Diabetes Management in the Time of COVID

An endocrinologist with diabetes shares guidance on how to manage the condition during the pandemic.

Living With Lupus During the COVID-19 Drug Debate

A patient with lupus weighs in on the COVID drug debate.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health During COVID-19

A wellness expert offers guidance on how to protect your psychological and emotional well-being during the pandemic.

Missing Milestones: Helping Teens During Social Distancing

Social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic could be particularly challenging for adolescents and teens who thrive on social connections.

Staying Healthy While Sheltering in Place

As many look for ways to stay calm in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis, a Michigan Medicine dietitian shares some helpful strategies for sheltering in place.

Research Continues, But No Proven Therapies to Prevent or Treat COVID-19 Yet

There are no therapies proven to prevent or treat COVID-19 yet, but providers can help address symptoms while they continue researching new ideas.

Helpful Tips for GI Issues Caused by COVID-19 Stress

The gastrointestinal system may be a victim of COVID-19 stress. Here, experts help to navigate those tummy troubles.

Digestive Symptoms a Presenting Factor of COVID-19?

A Michigan Medicine gastroenterologist discusses the latest GI-related research from Wuhan, China.

A New Approach to Prenatal Care During COVID-19

A multidisciplinary team at Michigan Medicine has unveiled a new clinical approach to prenatal care for low risk pregnancies to help limit exposure to the novel coronavirus.

Modeling How Quickly COVID-19 Can Spread

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) advances around the world, a growing number of researchers are using computational models to estimate this spread.

Donate Blood Now if You Can to Help Fight COVID-19

Canceled blood drives across the country have driven the supply critically low, but demand is high and donor centers have new safety measures in place.

Tips for Parenting While Homebound Due to the Spread of Coronavirus

As the coronavirus keeps families homebound, a childhood development expert shares ways to have productive days together.

Ways to Help Yourself and Others Who May be Hit Hardest by COVID-19

Ways to help yourself and others in your community who may be hit hardest by COVID-19 and cancellations.

Essential Components of Hospital COVID-19 Preparedness

New overview advises freeing up inpatient capacity for patients with suspected or confirmed coronavirus, prepping dedicated teams and planning ahead for scarce supplies and equipment.

They See The Masks Too. Talking to Kids About COVID-19

They see the masks too. A pediatric psychologist offers five tips for parents on how to talk about the pandemic with their children.

Practical Things You Can Do to Prepare for COVID-19

A lot of uncertainty still surrounds the evolving coronavirus outbreak. A Michigan Medicine expert offers nine practical things you can do to prepare yourself in the event that COVID-19 comes to your community.

How Can We Flatten the Curve for COVID-19?

History shows that taking strong steps now to slow the spread of coronavirus will help communities and individuals.

Radiologists Team Up to Examine the Appearance of COVID-19 in CT Scans

A Michigan Medicine radiologist teams up with a counterpart in China to examine the appearance of COVID-19 in CT scans.