Sleep Disorders

Are you having difficulty with sleep or alertness? Consider being seen at the University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Center:

  • One of the oldest, largest, and most widely recognized academic sleep programs in the US
  • About 10,000 clinic visits and 10,000 sleep studies or home sleep apnea tests every year
  • A multidisciplinary group of sleep physicians – each with background in internal medicine, neurology, pediatrics, otolaryngology, psychiatry, or pulmonary medicine – and additional clinical team members with specialized expertise in sleep health

We specialize in sleep. And we know that most sleep problems can be eliminated, improved or controlled.

What We Treat

There are almost 100 sleep disorders, and we treat all of them, including:

Once a diagnosis is made, a wide range of effective treatment strategies are available. The majority of sleep problems can be improved, controlled, or eliminated.

Sleep Clinic and Labs

After a referral from your physician, you will see one of our sleep medicine providers before you have a sleep study. Sleep studies are tests that measure how well you sleep and how your body responds to sleep problems. Our sleep technologists are highly experienced and know how to make the testing process comfortable for you.

The Center also offers home testing. When we evaluate you, we can determine if home testing is an option.

We work with patients to make sure their treatments work. And we follow up with patients whose primary care physicians are not familiar with sleep disorders or who want a sleep specialist to be involved.

All of our laboratories use American Academy of Sleep Medicine guidelines.


The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) accredits each of our sites. This recognition helps to demonstrate that we provide the highest quality of care in sleep medicine. 

Bring the Following to Your Clinic Appointment

  • Your insurance card.
  • If you are currently using a CPAP/BiPAP machine, please bring the data card to your clinic visit. If you are undergoing a home sleep study, please make sure to bring with you the data card that is recording the information on the unit you are using.

Make an Appointment

Call 734-936-9068 to schedule a consult with one of our specialists. If you cannot keep your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can give the appointment time to someone else. We prefer cancellations no later than 48 hours in advance.

Please check with your insurance representative before calling for a consult. A referral from your primary care physician may be required.