U of M Health Neurology & Neurosurgery is a nationally ranked specialty by US News & World Report 2022-23.

Imagine being unable to speak, unable to move your limbs at will or having difficulty recognizing close relatives. These are some of the effects of diseases that attack the nervous system, such as stroke, Alzheimer's disease or multiple sclerosis, and they can be frightening to comprehend.

We provide care for patients with all forms of neurological disease, including:

Visit our Neurological Conditions & Treatments page for a more complete listing of the conditions we treat.

Why Choose Michigan for Your Neurological Care

The University of Michigan offers a number of programs for patients who need advanced neurological care. These include our Epilepsy Program, our Movement Disorders Program, and our Functional Wellness Initiative for patients with brain tumors. In addition, our Stroke Program has been accredited as a Certified Stroke Center by the Joint Commission. Learn more about why you should choose Michigan for your neurological and neurosurgical care.

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It is not always easy to figure out whether your symptoms or condition are neurological or related to something else. Secondly, depending upon your condition, you may be seen either as an inpatient or visiting one of our outpatient clinics. We want to help you make the best decision possible, regardless of your need. Visit our Becoming a Patient page for more information about referrals and your Neuro Care Team, or Make an Appointment page  to see a list of clinics and their contact information.