Hepatology Clinics

We offer a number of hepatology (liver disease) clinics to best serve our patients. Some clinics are conveniently available at multiple locations.

General Hepatology Clinics

Offering expertise in all aspects of hepatology, doctors at our General Hepatology Clinics see adult patients with acute or chronic liver disease. Patients who need multidisciplinary care are referred to a subspecialty clinic as needed.  Held in the Taubman Center at University Hospital in Ann Arbor, at the University of Michigan satellite clinics in Brighton, Canton, and Northville, as well as at the Veterans Affairs Ann Arbor Healthcare System. 

Alcohol Related Liver Disease Clinic

The Michigan Alcohol Improvement Network (MAIN) is a specialty clinic that takes an unprecedented approach to treating patients with alcohol liver disease.  Patients not only receive liver care, but addiction treatment and psychiatric care all in one office, all during the same appointment, all in the same room. This multidisciplinary clinic consists of a hepatologist (liver disease physician), a psychiatrist and a psychologist as the core team.  Patients seen in the clinic will first meet with the hepatologist to discuss symptoms, medications, how the liver recovers with alcohol abstinence, and any additional liver care needed. Next patients will meet with the psychiatrist to review drinking history, psychiatric history, environmental factors and stressors.  Finally, the patient will meet with the psychologist to explore treatment options including barriers to treatment and various coping strategies. The clinic is held in the Taubman Center at University Hospital in Ann Arbor. To learn more about alcohol related liver disease (ALD), visit our Alcohol Related Liver Disease page.  

Cirrhosis Clinic

This clinic provides chronic disease management support for patients with cirrhosis and their informal caregivers. Patients are provided structured education on disease self-management, and are enrolled in a software program for tracking health maintenance, such as screening for hepatocellular carcinoma. Other services include a cirrhosis management “toolkit” to take home, cognitive testing to screen for minimal hepatic encephalopathy (a brain disorder caused by liver failure), telephone management system to care for patients between visits, and seamless coordinated care with the Liver Transplant and Liver Tumor programs. For more information about cirrhosis, visit our Cirrhosis of the Liver page or download a PDF of Liver Cirrhosis – A Toolkit for Patients. The Cirrhosis clinic is held in the Taubman Center at University Hospital in Ann Arbor, and at the University of Michigan satellite clinics in Brighton, Canton, and Northville.

Fatty Liver Disease Clinic

The Michigan Medicine Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Clinic (NAFLD) is a specialty clinic focused on the care of patients with NAFLD and Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). This multidisciplinary clinic consists of liver disease physicians, advanced practitioners and GI nutritionists specializing in the care of this unique patient population. Patients seen in this clinic complete a comprehensive evaluation to confirm their diagnosis and to provide important assessment of disease severity. The mission of this clinic is to provide individualized treatment plans for patients with an emphasis on improving nutrition and physical activity as the first line therapy for this disease.  Patients in this clinic also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of cutting-edge research studies including new pharmacologic therapies. Held in the Taubman Center at the University Hospital in Ann Arbor. To learn more about fatty liver disease, visit our Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease page.

Liver Transplant Clinic

Our Liver Transplant Clinic provides medical evaluation and consultation for adults with acute or chronic liver failure to help determine the cause, stage, and optimal treatment plan. New patients are seen by a multidisciplinary team including a hepatologist, transplant surgeon, transplant social worker, and nurse coordinator. In addition to new patient referrals, patients on the liver transplant waiting list and liver transplant recipients are also seen for ongoing care. Participation in research protocols involving newer immunosuppressant regimens, antiviral drugs, and renal outcomes in liver transplant candidates and recipients is available. For more information about Liver Transplant, visit our Liver Transplant page. Held in the Taubman Center at University Hospital in Ann Arbor. 

Liver Tumor Clinic

Our Liver Tumor Clinic cares for patients with liver tumors, either primary or metastatic. This unique program combines the expertise of various departments with an excellent liver transplant program and our NIH-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center to offer timely, innovative, and compassionate care to patients affected by these liver tumors. As part of this mission, we aim to serve as a center of excellence for the development of new screening techniques, new treatments, and new understanding of the development of liver cancers. For more information on Liver Tumor, visit our Multidisciplinary Liver Tumor Clinic page. Held in the Rogel Cancer Center at University Hospital in Ann Arbor. 

Wilson Disease Clinic

Committed to lifelong care of patients with Wilson disease (an inherited disorder where copper builds up in the liver, eventually also building up in other organs), this clinic is focused on assisting in diagnosis, education, treatment and follow-up by a team of specialized Wilson disease physicians and nurses. We are a designated Wilson Disease Center of Excellence by the Wilson Disease Association, serving as a source of focused expertise for people affected by Wilson disease. For more information about Wilson Disease, visit our Wilson Disease page. Held in the Taubman Center at University Hospital in Ann Arbor.

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