Peripheral Neuropathy Program

The Peripheral Nerve Program focuses on the evaluation and treatment of acquired peripheral neuropathies, such as:

Patients need a referral to make an appointment.

Program Leadership

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Amro Stino, MD, assistant professor, serves as director of the Peripheral Nerve Program, and co-director of the Autonomic Lab. He has expertise in the treatment of neuromuscular disorders, with clinical and research interest in the care of patients with acquired peripheral neuropathy.

Dr. Stino is an advocate for patient awareness and education in autoimmune neuropathy and serves as physician liaison for the GBS-CIDP Foundation, with whom he was interviewed on Good Day Columbus as part of GBS-CIDP Awareness Month. He also takes great interest in helping patients tackle peripheral neuropathy care in an evidence-based fashion. Visit Dr. Stino's physician profile for more information about Dr. Stino.

Who Can Be Seen at the Peripheral Neuropathy Program?

The Peripheral Neuropathy Program evaluates patients with acquired peripheral neuropathies, including all of the types of neuropathies mentioned above (except hereditary neuropathies, which are seen in the CMT Program — a clinic for those who have been diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease). Such cases would include patients:

  • Who are newly diagnosed
  • Who have been recently discharged from the hospital
  • With refractory cases needing second opinion
  • Those from outside centers seeking expert specialty care

Of note, our program also serves as GBS-CIDP Center of Excellence and is a natural hub for dysimmune neuropathy patients seeking specialty care.

Clinic Services

  • Clinical Care: The Neuropathy Program provides comprehensive evaluation, diagnostic testing including nerve conduction study / EMG (EMG), counseling and treatment recommendations.
  • Clinical Research: Investigators at the University of Michigan are actively involved in helping to understand, diagnose and develop new treatments for peripheral neuropathy. Cutting-edge research studies and clinical trials are regularly available to patients who qualify. Visit to search for peripheral nerve studies or other studies you may be interested in.

Appointment Information

The Peripheral Neuropathy program is integrated into our general neuromuscular clinic. All of our neuromuscular providers have training in the diagnosis and management of peripheral neuropathy. A referral is required for a new patient appointment with one of our providers. Please bring records of prior labs or studies (EMG) that were ordered for evaluation of your neuropathy.

A standard new patient appointment would last one hour. Patients needing an EMG may be accommodated on the same day, depending on EMG lab availability.

Call the Neurology Program at Taubman Center at 734-936-9020 with questions or have your physician call M-Line at 800-962-3555.