Financial Assistance

University of Michigan Health System’s policy supports medically necessary health care for all people, regardless of their ability to pay.  MSupport is our financial support program that may help you if you are uninsured, have limited or exhausted benefits.  MSupport guidelines include the following:

  • A patient may receive 100% of their services free if their income is below 2 ½ times the Federal Poverty Guidelines and meets other requirements
  • A patient may receive a 55% reduction of their charges if their income is below 4 times the Federal Poverty Guidelines and meets other requirements
  • Patient must complete an MSupport Application and show proof of household income
  • Patient is not enrolled in a college or university
  • Patient lives in Michigan
  • Patient does not qualify or has been denied Medicaid or County Health Plan coverage, or an affordable option on the Affordable Care Act individual Marketplace
  • Patient’s bank accounts and retirement accounts are below certain levels
  • Patient is not covered under any medical insurance that can cover any part of the service with the following exceptions:
  • May qualify for medically necessary services that are not covered under their Medicaid and County Health Plan
  • Patients who are eligible for COBRA benefits but declined to pay for coverage because the cost is greater than 25% of their monthly income
  • Other types of financial assistance are managed by our Guest Assistance Program.

For details or assistance: Toll-Free 855-853-5380 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or