Biomechanical Bike Fitting

Whether you’re a novice or a competitive cyclist, a properly fitting bicycle is the key to healthy, fun, and pain-free biking. A poor mechanical bike setup can lead to overuse injuries, discomfort, and inefficient cycling mechanics.  Injuries can include damage to the soft tissue, Achilles and Patellar Tendinitis, Iliotibial Band friction syndrome, low back or neck pain, nerve compressions of the wrist/hand and feet.   

Here at MedSport, we blend a sports medicine assessment and a systematic biomechanical analysis to properly fit riders to their bicycles. We developed our program based on the BikeFit Systems (BikeFit) method. The result is a comprehensive bicycle-fitting experience that will decrease the likelihood of injury, improve comfort, cycling posture, and muscle efficiency.  

MedSport’s Biomechanical Bike Fitting system works with all types of cyclists and all types of bikes.  

We offer three levels of biomechanical fit and intervention depending on your needs and the equipment you are using. Contact us for further information. 

To learn more or to ask a question, contact: [email protected]  

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