Return to Sport Evaluation

You have recovered from your knee injury and completed your rehabilitation plan, but are you ready toget back in the game? MedSport’s Return to Sport test will assess your readiness to return to the sport you love. 

Return to Sport Test

  • Is intended for post operative knee patients and lower extremity soft tissue injury patients, pediatric to adult ages, recreational level to the elite athlete. 
  • Includes a 60–90-minute gauntlet of movements ranging from strength, mobility, jumping, hopping, agility, balance, control and endurance. 
  • Provides a video analysis, detailed written report and follow-up exercise plan use by the patient and their care team, family members, coaches and athletic trainers. 
  • Creates an athletic profile and injury risk assessment.  To qualify for a Return to Sport test a patient must be able to run, jump, hop, cut, pivot and change directions. 

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