Hernia Surgery

Michigan Medicine's hernia specialists are experienced in repairing simple and complex hernias with a goal of helping patients to return to pain- free health as quickly as possible.

A hernia occurs when an organ or tissue squeezes through a weak spot in muscle or connective tissue. Prompt hernia treatment is important as hernias cannot heal on their own and can increase the risk of complications. We will assess your condition promptly and recommend the most effective approach, including a variety of surgical options. When appropriate, small incisions may be used that cause less pain and help you recover faster. When larger, complex hernias are present, or risk factors and complications such as infection are a concern, larger incisions may be necessary. Choosing the right treatment for your condition increases the likelihood you will have a positive outcome, and decreases the risk of complications and hernia recurrence.

Types of Hernias we treat:

Why Choose Michigan Medicine for Your Hernia Surgery?

We are high-volume referral center. This means physicians trust us to send their most complex patients. Referring physicians know that we achieve consistent, quality results, and offer solutions that address the type of hernia you have.

We offer a priority program for hernia treatment. We encourage the repair of hernias as quickly as possible.  Hernias cannot get better without surgical intervention. For patients who are good candidates for surgery – non-smokers or those without other health conditions that would postpone surgery – a fast track to surgery is available. Prompt treatments reduce the possibility of the hernia worsening and more complex surgery at a later date.

We offer comprehensive, patient centered care. We have specialists to meet your individual needs including general surgery, thoracic surgery, gastrointestinal, colorectal and gynecological specialists, and plastic surgeons. We work together to repair your hernia.

We specialize in innovative surgical techniques. Our surgeons perform open and laparoscopic procedures for hernia repair. Your surgeon’s knowledge about what causes hernias, and new surgical approaches in hernia repair mean you receive the best possible treatment recommendation for your type of hernia.

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