Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction is the process of making a new breast after a woman has had her breast removed due to breast cancer. At U-M, we recognize the real importance this procedure can have for a breast cancer patient. More importantly, we know this is a choice each woman must make for herself.

Though reconstruction surgery is optional, for many women it offers significant emotional and practical benefits. It is our goal to educate our patients and guide them through their reconstruction options, helping to set achievable expectations and maintaining health. The breast reconstruction specialty plastic surgeons at U-M have consultations with each patient so they may work as a team to design a treatment plan that fits her health, priorities and lifestyle.

Depending on a patient’s decision and needs, the plastic surgeons at U-M offer two main types of reconstruction:

You may also want to explore non-surgical options and frequently asked questions about breast reconstruction. Your surgeon will go over your options and any other questions or concerns you may have during a consultation.

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