Why Choose Michigan for Your Surgery

At the University of Michigan, you will find teams of surgeons and care providers in more than 20 specialties treating conditions from routine to the most complex. Patients from all over the world come to Michigan for our surgical expertise and our long history of providing advanced, compassionate, and multidisciplinary care. Because research is the force that drives our innovation, we provide each patient with the most cutting edge procedures, processes and technologies.

Surgical Expertise

Our surgeons have the resources and expertise to perform all surgical procedures, from the simplest to the most complex. If a condition requires care by experts in several surgical and medical specialties, physicians work closely with a full range of subspecialties at the University of Michigan Health System to ensure each patient receives exceptional care.

Each year, our teams perform thousands of surgical procedures, including minimally invasive techniques, trauma surgery, transplant surgery, and robotic surgery. At U-M, you have the peace of mind that doctors, surgeons, therapists, nurses, and other specialists are working together to provide leading-edge care tailored to your needs.

Leaders and Best in Innovation

As a patient at University of Michigan Health System, you have access to our creative and innovative approach to every condition we treat. Our physicians are engaged in momentous work such as cutting-edge research in stem cell based organ regeneration, genetic marker technology, and more. As one of the nation's most established surgical research programs, we are continuing to shape the future of surgery and medicine with the relentless pursuit of quality improvement and innovation.

Locations Across Michigan

We recognize that you need quality care that is also convenient. The University of Michigan Health System has patient care clinics and surgical facilities throughout Ann Arbor and the surrounding area.  Take the next step by talking to your primary care doctor about us or by contacting one of the clinics listed on our Make a Surgery Appointment page