Glomerular Diseases Clinic

The Glomerular Diseases Clinic focuses on specific kidney diseases that affect the glomeruli, which are the small filter parts of the kidney. These filters can become clogged or damaged and allow protein and blood to leak into the urine, where they are not normally found. While this abnormal blood and protein is one of the main signs that a person has a glomerular kidney disease, it is not usually something that can be seen with the naked eye. It is found with simple laboratory tests of the urine. Further blood, urine, and kidney tests often help doctors determine how severe the disease is, and may help determine its cause.

Not all glomerular diseases are severe, but some are. Some may weaken the kidneys to the point where they no longer are able to clean the blood well. This may lead to kidney failure and the need for dialysis or a kidney transplant.

The goal of the Glomerular Diseases Clinic is to help diagnose the cause of a person’s kidney problem, and then select the best ways to treat it.

Below is more information about specific glomerular diseases, the way they are diagnosed, and some of the treatments that are used. There are helpful links to other web sites where more information is available.

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Patients can schedule appointments by calling 734-647-9342. Physician referrals can be made by calling M-Line at 800-962-3555.