Emergency and Hospital-Based Dialysis

When dialysis patients are hospitalized for any reason, or when a hospitalized patient experiences acute kidney injury or acute renal failure and must immediately transition to dialysis, the Nephrology Consultative Services ensure that life-sustaining dialysis can proceed:  

Critical Care Nephrology: Specialists in Critical Care Nephrology provide advanced kidney support for patients being cared for in University Hospital’s six intensive care units (ICUs). They closely collaborate with cardiovascular medicine, pulmonary medicine, surgery and other specialties providing critical care in the ICU setting in order to provide uninterrupted kidney support when needed.

For patients in an ICU with acute or chronic renal failure, dialysis support is provided at the bedside with the goal of optimizing therapy while maintaining patient stability.  This can include use of continuous renal replacement therapy, a technique that allows for optimal management of fluid, electrolyte and toxin balance in critically ill patients.

The Acute Dialysis Unit: Our eight bed state-of-the-art dialysis unit provides standard hemodialysis care to inpatients with acute kidney injury or end stage renal disease. This unit is staffed by a team of highly experienced nurses, patient care technicians, social workers and renal dieticians. It operates six days a week, and staff is on call for emergency care on weekends and after hours.

The unit provides optimal care for patients receiving dialysis using advanced equipment and innovative dialysis technologies.

The Acute Dialysis Unit also has outpatient ESRD certification and has formal clinical and administrative protocols in place designed for outpatient dialysis.