Young Adults with Kidney Disease

Management of kidney diseases in patients age 18 to 30 requires expertise in not only those diseases commonly diagnosed during childhood and young adulthood but the ability to guide these patients through the unique set of challenges specific to this age group. In addition to taking responsibility for managing their medical care and learning the medication and nutritional regimens, young adults are transitioning to living on their own, which means navigating changes in insurance coverage, education and job status. Michigan Medicine’s Young Adult Nephrology Clinic is equipped to provide patients and their families and caregivers with the strategies and support they need to continue to manage kidney disease in the context of a full, active life.

We designed the clinic to respond to the needs and concerns of young adults:

  • Diagnosed with kidney disease in childhood who need a coordinated transition from pediatric to adult care providers.
  • With newly-diagnosed kidney disease.
  • Whose kidney disease is further complicated by one or more co-existing conditions including pregnancy, urological conditions, or chronic illnesses like diabetes or sickle cell disease.
  • Who develop kidney disease as a consequence of cancer or its treatment, or after an unrelated organ transplant.

Supporting Patients in Transition

Our multidisciplinary team includes physicians trained in both adult and pediatric nephrology, as well as dedicated social workers and dieticians. Our focus on the unique physical, emotional and practical issues faced by young adults with decreased kidney function sets our program apart.

Each patient’s clinic appointment is anchored by an examination and consultation with his or her nephrologist. In addition, appointments may also include consultation with clinic nutritionists or social workers as needed to provide the following, at no additional patient expense or copay:

  • Tools to encourage self-sufficiency in making and keeping medical appointments and managing medications.
  • Counseling on the impact of kidney disease on reproductive health.
  • Nutritional education to promote better dietary choices and better manage fluid intake.
  • Access to peer mentoring from other young adults living with kidney disease, as well as to other community resources to help foster independence.
  • Assistance with the transition from a parent’s health insurance policy to one’s own, including insight into how their pre-existing condition may impact insurance coverage.

Patient Resources

Appointments and Referrals

Held on the second Tuesday of every month, the Young Adult Nephrology Clinic is open to patients ages 18 to 30. The clinic is located at Reception C on the third floor of the Taubman Center. Patients can schedule appointments by calling 734-647-9342.  Referring physicians can reach the nephrologists for consultation by calling M-Line at 800-962-3555.