Which Marketplace & Healthy Michigan (Medicaid Expansion) insurance plans does UMHS accept?

Under the Affordable Care Act, private health insurance companies are offering new plans for individuals, families and small businesses to buy, with fewer restrictions than before. The state of Michigan has expanded Medicaid private plan coverage to make that form of insurance available to more people.

Affordable Care Act info from UMHS

No matter where you receive your care, check carefully before selecting a plan, to make sure that it will cover care at your preferred clinics and hospitals.


For 2018:

We participate directly in most plans offered to individuals and families on the private health insurance Marketplace (also called the health insurance Exchange), and most plans available in Michigan on the Small Business Health Options Program, or SHOP.

For plans we don't participate in: UMHS will be considered out-of-network, but there may be circumstances under which the plans might allow a participant to come to us for advanced care.

Which Healthy Michigan (expanded Medicaid) plans does UMHS accept?

Access to UMHS for all types of care:

  • Aetna Better Health
  • Blue Cross Complete
  • Meridian Health Plan of Michigan
  • HAP Midwest Health Plan
  • Molina Healthcare of Michigan
  • Unitedhealthcare Community Plan

Access to UMHS only through the Medicaid Specialty Access Process:

  • Harbor Health Plan (formerly ProCare)
  • Priority Health
  • Total Health Care
  • Upper Peninsula Health Plan

More information about these plans, and online enrollment, are available on www.healthcare.gov or by phone. UMHS offers assistance with understanding and enrolling in plans.

To see which other insurance plans UMHS accepts, see this page.