Pediatric Speech-Language Pathology at Briarwood Ped. Rehab


Welcome to Speech-Language Pathology services at Briarwood Pediatric Rehabilitation.

Speech-Language Pathologists evaluate and treat children who demonstrate delayed or impaired speech-language and communication skills, as well as children with feeding/swallowing impairment.  The Speech-Language Pathologists  work in 2 treatment teams:

  • Outpatient evaluation and treatment, focusing on children with delayed or impaired speech-language development, feeding/swallowing difficulty or fluency (stuttering). Typical speech-language diagnoses include delayed speech-language development, apraxia of speech and dysarthria. Some of the medical conditions associated with speech-language delay or impairment may include autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, or other genetic syndromes. There may also be no medical reason for a speech-language delay.
  • Participation in the Pediatric NeuroRehabilitation Program: The Pediatric NeuroRehabilitation Program is an interdisciplinary program designed to assess and treat children who have experienced an acquired injury or illness that affects the central nervous system. The SLP will partner with a child’s family and the treatment team (which may include Physical and Occupational Therapy, Case Management, School, Therapeutic Recreation and the child’s physician) to design and implement and an effective treatment plan, including family education and development of home program activities.
  • The Speech-Language Pathologists at Milestones also provide augmentative/alternative communication assessment and treatment, with device recommendation. They will collaborate with your child’s therapists, home or school to ensure the best program for advancing your child’s skills.