Breastfeeding Support at Briarwood Center for Women, Children and Young Adults

The University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) offers an outpatient clinic providing support to mothers and infants with breastfeeding difficulties including: 

  • Inadequate weight gain
  • Latch difficulty 
  • History of breast surgery 
  • Mastitis 
  • Nipple pain 
  • Inverted nipples 
  • Low milk supply 

Any other breastfeeding related issues for mom or baby. This multidisciplinary breastfeeding clinic is staffed by a lactation consultant as well as an OBGYN and pediatrician specializing in breastfeeding support. Patients may call for an appointment, or their primary care provider may refer them to the clinic. Appointments are covered by most insurance plans. The Center also offers a monthly support group for breastfeeding mothers lead by a healthcare professional.