Cosmetic Surgery Clinic FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the surgeons at UM Cosmetic Surgery Clinic board certified? Our dedicated team of surgeons, nurses, residents and staff are qualified to provide you with the best available care.

Where are the procedures performed? Our services are available at a variety of locations to serve our patients most efficiently. Your surgery will be performed at one of the University Hospitals and will depend on several factors including your physician, the procedure and your health, and whether you are being treated on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

Where will I go for my consultation? To make your experience as comfortable and convenient as possible, your initial consultation and all pre- and post-operative appointments will take place at our Domino's Farms Plastic Surgery Clinic. Our clinic is easily accessible from the expressway, offers free parking and features a private, professional setting.

How do I get more information or schedule a consultation? You can contact our call center at 998-6022 to schedule an appointment or request information on our cosmetic procedures.

Will I have scars? Scarring will occur when ever an incision is made and the severity of the scarring varies from person to person. Most incisions are made in areas that will not show, like under undergarments or along natural creases and the scars will normally fade over time. Your surgeon will address this in more detail at the time of your consultation.

What should I expect from my consultation visit? During your first visit, your surgeon and medical team will discuss your cosmetic goals, surgical options that are best for you, as well as provide education and information on different types of procedures. We encourage you to bring a list of questions to the consultation. It is important to establish goals and expectations with your surgeon during your first visit.

Is my procedure covered by insurance? Although most cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance, medical insurance varies greatly. You will need to contact your insurance provider to confirm the details of your coverage.

What if I have a complication? Special care always is taken to avoid complications, but unfortunately they can occur. Your postoperative visits allow your surgeon to detect any problems at a very early stage. Should a complication arise, your surgeon will make every effort to limit and correct its effects.

What is the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery? Cosmetic plastic surgery is performed to enhance or change a healthy, normal, functioning part of the body. Nothing but the patient's desire for physical improvement necessitates cosmetic plastic surgery. Reconstructive surgery, however, is intended to correct a physical abnormality caused by a birth defect, disease or tumor, physical trauma, or infection. The goal of reconstructive surgery may be to restore function or to achieve physical normality.

Is plastic surgery right for me? Three things must be kept in mind; your current state of health and medical history, desired outcome, and the motivation behind your decision. The best plastic surgery candidate is someone with realistic expectations and an understanding of the limitations set by medicine, technology, and each patient's own body. Good candidates have a strong self-image, and well-developed reason for pursuing a plastic surgery procedure.

Can several plastic surgery procedures be performed at the same time? There are several important variables that must be considered before deciding to combine surgeries. As with all patients, decisions of this nature are always made on a case-by-case basis. Combining surgeries can save time and money and may be an option for you. However, do not assume this will always be the case.

How long does it take to recover from my cosmetic surgery procedure? Recovery times will vary depending upon the procedure and individual. Rest and limited activity are very important to speed healing and reduce recovery time. Regardless of the procedure, it is very important to follow the specific post-operative instructions provided by your doctor.

What if I have already had surgery somewhere else, but did not like the outcome? We believe every patient should be completely satisfied with their plastic surgery experience, regardless of where that experience took place. A corrective procedure might be an option for you. During your initial consultation, you should discuss your concerns and goals with your physician.