Antiphospholipid Syndrome Program

The Michigan Medicine Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) Program is home to both clinical and research activities associated with APS. That means that while team members are focused on providing the highest level of care for each patient, they are also dedicated to research to find new and better ways to treat and ultimately cure APS.   

Our approach to treatment recognizes that APS is different in every person. Along with specialists in hematology, obstetrics, neurology, nephrology and more, our rheumatologists work with each patient to develop a personalized treatment approach to pursue the very best possible long-term outcome.

Patients with suspected or confirmed diagnoses of APS are seen in the Adult Rheumatology Clinic.

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APS Program Community Q&A Series

The APS Program Community Q&A Series, written by Yu (Ray) Zuo, MD, addresses questions received from the APS Program community and will cover a variety of topics.

Make an Appointment

A doctor’s referral is recommended for new patients. Physicians can connect with the clinic by calling MLine, our 24/7 physician-to-physician portal, at 1-800-962-3555.

We recommend that new patients who are referred by doctors outside of Michigan Medicine bring copies of all laboratory and imaging tests to their first appointment. Access to the latest information allows us to develop a treatment plan as quickly as possible.

Existing patients who have questions about treatment or about scheduling or rescheduling appointments can phone the clinic directly at 1-888-229-3065.