Make an Appointment with Rehabilitation Medicine

For appointments with most of our physicians or more information about our clinics, please call the Rehabilitation Call Center at (734) 936-7175.

For other Rehabilitation Medicine services, choose from the list below.

Amputee Clinic or Post-Polio Physician Specialist: If you are calling for an appointment with our amputee clinic or post-polio physician specialists, please call the Orthotics & Prosthetics Call Center at (734) 973-2400.

Coordination of Adult or Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation: To coordinate adult or pediatric acute inpatient rehabilitation, please contact our admissions coordinator at (734) 936-7059.

Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapy: If you are calling for a physical, occupational or speech therapist, please call our therapy call center at (734) 936-7070.

Rehabilitation Psychology and Neuropsychology: For appointments with our psychological services or more information about our clinic, please call the Rehabilitation Psychology and Neuropsychology Call Center at 734-936-7052.