Nutrition Services at the Primary Care Clinics

Nutrition Services at Michigan Medicine Primary Care Centers are designed for non-hospitalized patients and are provided by Registered Dietitians with expertise in adult, pediatric, prenatal and geriatric nutrition. We address a variety of nutrition-related conditions, including poor weight gain, failure to thrive, diabetes, increased blood lipid levels (cholesterol and triglycerides), hypertension, kidney disease before dialysis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypoglycemia, food allergies, gluten intolerance (celiac disease), irritable bowel syndrome, gastro esophageal reflux disease and obesity. We offer medical nutrition therapy by appointment only, with same-day openings available on occasion.

We recommend a referral from your Michigan Medicine primary care physician. A referral may be required by your insurance for coverage. We are happy to help you with this process. Please call us at one of our Nutrition Services at the Primary Care Clinics locations for more information.

We also offer nutrition services specifically for cardiovascular issues and people with cancer. Visit the Cardiovascular Nutrition Services page on or the Cancer Nutrition Services page on for more information.