About the Facial Nerve Clinic

Established in 2020, the Michigan Medicine Facial Nerve Clinic is one of only a few programs in the world to offer patients with facial nerve disorders fully-integrated multidisciplinary care in one convenient location.

Our providers – spanning numerous specialties across the Michigan Medicine health system - are highly specialized in and dedicated to treating facial nerve disorders. This specialization allows us to offer the most advanced, evidence-based medical and surgical treatment options for each patient. Our team of experts work collaboratively to develop individualized treatment plans for patients.

We understand the far-reaching impact facial nerve disorders can have on a patient’s life, and provide patient-centered, individualized, and compassionate care. In addition to medical and surgical services, we offer facial retraining therapy that can help you with rehabilitation of facial movement through customized movement exercises. We also provide support services through our clinic coordinator and dedicated social worker. They work to coordinate logistical details so that patients can focus solely on their health.

Meet the Facial Nerve Clinic Team

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Oculoplastic Surgery



Plastic Surgery


Comprehensive Ophthalmology


Occupational Therapy/Neuromuscular Retraining

  • Matthew Ban, OT, CLT, CBIS, CKTP I, NDTc

Clinic Coordinator

  • Amy Stheiner

Social Work

  • Jan Gamboa