FAQ: Priority Parathyroid Program

What is the Priority Parathyroid Program?

The priority parathyroid program enables patients to quickly determine the need for parathyroid surgery with the help of one of our highly experienced endocrine surgeons and provides a convenient single-trip solution for all of their care.

Who is eligible for the program?

In general, anyone with a clear diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroidism and no other major medical problems is eligible. Other patients with more complicated issues may need to be seen in clinic in the usual manner.

Is there a cost involved to participate in the Priority Parathyroid Program?

A small fee of $250.00 is charged to cover administrative fees, review of your records, and a phone call with one of our surgeons. The fee is in addition to any other charges incurred for visits, tests, and your surgery. This may or may not be covered by your insurance company, and if you seek reimbursement by your insurance company, it is your responsibility to submit the claim. Additional office visits and surgery are not covered as part of this initial remote consultation fee but would likely be covered by insurance as would any regular office appointment.

How do I get started?

Contact our Call Center at 734-936-5738

How long after submitting a complete information and medical record packet can I expect to speak with a surgeon?

Once all of your information has been submitted, an appointment will be scheduled for a mutually convenient time to have a phone consultation between you and one of our endocrine surgeons.

What happens when I come to clinic?

The morning of your clinic visit (the day before surgery) you will meet the surgeon who will perform your operation. He or she will examine you, review the plan for your surgery, and go over any questions.

Later that day, you will meet with a physician's assistant to complete paperwork, consent forms, and make sure everything is in order for your surgery. You will also find out the expected time of your operation. Parathyroid operations are usually done in the morning.

Your operation will take place the following day. You can expect the process from the pre-op area to leaving the recovery room to take 4-5 hours.

What about a postoperative appointment?

Most routine follow-up is done by phone, email, and pictures.  Patients will have a calcium level checked two weeks after surgery which can be drawn at a local lab facility and faxed to us for review.

How easy is it to get to University of Michigan?

Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan are located in southeastern Michigan. The Detroit-Wayne County International Airport is a modern major hub conveniently located thirty minutes from the hospital. Several major highways allow easy access to Ann Arbor from multiple directions.

More Questions About the Priority Parathyroid Program?

Contact our Call Center at 734-936-5738