Endocrine Surgery

Endocrine Surgery at the University of Michigan

Established in 1979, the Division of Endocrine Surgery at the University of Michigan was the first of its kind in the United States. Since that time, we have grown to become one of the largest endocrine surgery divisions in the country, performing over 1,000 endocrine operations per year.

The Division of Endocrine Surgery at the University of Michigan is dedicated to the medical and surgical care of patients with the following types of endocrine disorders:

The division is comprised of experts in the field of endocrine surgery and provides exceptional patient care through multidisciplinary care teams, revolutionary use of technology, effective and proven surgical techniques and compassionate and caring physicians, nurses and staff.

We are dedicated to advancing the art and science of endocrine surgery through innovative laboratory and clinical research. Our surgeons are actively involved in studies of thyroid cancer, hyperparathyroidism, adrenal cancer and drug development for cancer.

We are committed to the education of students, residents and fellows. The University of Michigan is home to the Norman W. Thompson Fellowship in Endocrine Surgery, the first of its kind, established in 1984.

Leaders in Endocrine Surgical Care

The Endocrine Surgery Division at the University of Michigan is focused on the surgical treatment of endocrine disease. Research has demonstrated that the number of cases performed by a surgeon and a hospital directly influence the outcomes and complications of surgery. Our endocrine surgeons are in the top 1% in the country in terms of number of endocrine surgeries performed per year. Our surgeons possess a unique level of expertise in the field which means better outcomes for our patients.

Parathyroid Surgery

Surgeons in the Division of Endocrine Surgery at the  University of Michigan are among the leading health care providers for the treatment of parathyroid disease, having performed over 3,500 parathyroid operations since 2000. Our specialists offer treatments for both routine cases and the most advanced types of parathyroid disease. We are often referred patients with highly complex issues requiring state-of-the-art surgical care not available elsewhere.

Both in and out of the operating room, our treatments are based on years of research and personal experience. We are continually evaluating new methods and therapies to care for patients with parathyroid disorders and provide the finest and most advanced remedies available. We offer inpatient and outpatient services, utilizing both minimally invasive and open surgical techniques. Endocrine surgeons at the University of Michigan have developed a number of advanced techniques for monitoring parathyroid hormone production during parathyroid surgery. Our techniques lead to higher cure rates than procedures used in other centers.

Thyroid Surgery

Division of Endocrine Surgery at the University of Michigan is renowned for its internationally recognized experts in both routine and advanced treatments of thyroid disease. At one of the largest endocrine surgical divisions in the United States, our surgeons currently perform about 500 thyroid surgeries per year, which in turn leads to lower complication rates and optimal patient outcomes.

In addition to practicing conventional open surgical techniques, we also utilize minimally invasive surgical options for thyroidectomy for a select group of patients. Our highly-trained specialists offer current and emerging surgical technologies for outstanding results in treatment and management of thyroid disorders.

Adrenal Surgery

Experts at the Division of Endocrine Surgery at the University of Michigan have a long history of providing advanced, compassionate and multidisciplinary care for a wide range of adrenal disorders. Our surgeons perform thousands of surgical procedures annually, for both common conditions and the most advanced types of adrenal disease, including adrenal cancer. Patients with highly complex issues, requiring state-of-the-art surgical care not available elsewhere, are customarily referred to our clinic.

Our adrenal surgeons are pioneers in implementing the finest treatment programs, both in and out of the operating room. Years of leading edge research, extensive personal experience and constant evaluation of latest therapies, enable our specialists to provide patients with adrenal disorders the best care available.


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