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Why Choose Michigan?

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More than 300,000 patients treated each year

At the University of Michigan Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Center you will find more than 250 physicians and hundreds of care providers who specialize in treating conditions of the bones, joint and muscles – including pain management.  Specialists from across our Health System work together to provide the optimum treatment plan for your individual needs.  And to make it convenient for you, our physicians are located in a variety of facilities across Ann Arbor and southeast Michigan.

Questions and Answers About the Michigan Medicine Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Center

What is the Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Center?

This is a new Michigan Medicine program and approach to coordinating care among our bone, spine, muscle and joint services. We are bringing all of our musculoskeletal specialties under one umbrella and strengthening connections among more than 250 renowned care providers among 10 specialties in order to more efficiently and effectively serve our patients.

What services does the center provide?

The center offers 50 different offices located throughout Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan with specialties ranging from joint reconstruction to rehabilitation after a sports injury to managing pain from arthritis or a back condition.

What conditions fall under the musculoskeletal care?

Musculoskeletal care covers patient conditions involving the bones, muscles, joints and spine.  

We treat conditions such as back pain, including herniated disc, neck pain, sciatica, spinal cord injury,along with sports and acitivty related injuries to the knee and shoulder,foot and ankle conditions , fractures and broken bones, hand,wrist, andelbow injuries like carpal tunnel, as well as, acute and chronic hip conditions, osteoarthritis,rheumatoid arthritis among many others.

For a full list of conditions, visit our Musculoskeletal Conditions & Services page.

How does the Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Care benefit patients?

Patients can expect convenient access to all the specialists they need for musculoskeletal care. Enhanced integration among our experts brings diagnostic and therapeutic services together, allowing for a wider range of treatment options than in a traditional physician’s office. Services range from advanced therapies to minimally invasive surgery, with everything from ultrasounds to MRIs managed within the center’s facilities.

What is an example of how this might benefit a patient who needs musculoskeletal care?

The Musculoskeletal Center’s arthritis clinic, for example, offers the expertise of rheumatologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians and orthopaedic surgeons who work together to diagnose a patient and determine treatment options and whether surgery is recommended.

For the patient, that may mean just one appointment instead of being referred from one specialist to another and having to come back for several separate appointments. Similar examples of coordinated care are seen in other areas, such as sports medicine and spine conditions.

Where is the Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Center?

The musculoskeletal center offers care at 22 health system facilities across nine communities in Ann Arbor and Southeastern Michigan, including Brighton, Canton, Chelsea, Dexter, Livonia, Saline, Ypsilanti and the newest location at the Northville Health Center that opened in July, 2014.

There is no single building that houses the center. For patient convenience, the U-M offers musculoskeletal care in a wide variety of clinic and facility locations.

What is the Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Center at Northville?

The 20,000 square feet Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Center suite will have a major presence at the new Northville Health Center. Various care teams that involve providers from different specialties will practice together within the musculoskeletal center suite with the ability to consult with each other on patient care recommendations.

The Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Center at Northville will provide care related to arthritis, spine disease, joint reconstruction, fracture care, hand and foot/ankle conditions, sports medicine and pain management.  Physical and occupational therapy along with sports rehabilitation will also be offered. In addition, orthotic and prosthetic services will be available. For patient convenience, on-site radiology services are offered, including an MRI.

While this is our newest location, these services will continue to be offered at 21 other health system facilities across nine communities in Southeastern Michigan.

For a full list of our conditions and services, visit our Musculoskeletal Conditions & Services page.

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