Cardiac Rehabilitation

About Cardiac Rehabilitation

If you’ve had a recent heart event or procedure, or have been diagnosed with some form of heart disease, participating in a program that combines lifestyle changes and proper physical activity will improve your rate of survival. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at one of two locations, Cardiovascular Medicine at Domino’s Farms in Ann Arbor, or Cardiology at the Brighton Center for Specialty Care, have a team of experts and a comprehensive array of services to help you improve your cardiovascular health and return to your normal life.

Patients who participate in our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program are less at risk for:

  • Re-hospitalization
  • Complications of cardiac disease
  • Sudden death

In addition, participating in cardiac rehabilitation greatly improves your quality of life. It has been shown to reduce symptoms of chest pain, fatigue and shortness of breath; reduce psychological distress; and reduce other risk factors, such as: a reduction in weight, blood pressure and cholesterol. It has also been shown to improved exercise performance and ability to perform activities of daily living; and improve adherence to medications and medical treatments.

We also provide education — from appropriate nutrition to stress management — return to work evaluations, recommendations to your doctor, heart monitoring, medication monitoring, and much more.

Our referral-only program is for a variety of people, including those who have experienced the following:

When we receive your referral, the first thing we do is call you to make sure our program is the most local for you. If you live too far away, we provide you with the hospitals in your area with cardiac rehabilitation programs and we call that program to provide them with your referral. We do this because it’s most important to us to ensure patients are entering and completing cardiac rehabilitation, even if it’s not with us.

To enter our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, you’ll first have a phone visit with a registered nurse who conducts a thorough evaluation to ensure you are able to participate in cardiac rehabilitation. You’ll then be scheduled for blood work. Once this information has been collected, our team of certified clinical exercise physiologists prescribes an exercise program individualized for your needs. It is also highly recommended that you participate in our Group Orientation. This important step teaches you to navigate the waters of heart recovery and connects you with other rehab patients and staff.

During the program, you will be taught how to use the exercise equipment and which equipment is right for your age and health issues. You will be guided through weight training and stretching. You will also learn everything you need to continue your lifestyle changes once the program ends, including exercising at home.

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You need a physician referral with a qualifying diagnosis to be eligible for this program. Call 734-998-9590 for more information.