Going Mobile—U-M Mobile Health Apps

If you have a health condition that you need to track—or if you're having difficulty explaining to your health care provider—the University of Michigan Health System can help you. We have developed several free or low-cost Apple mobile applications that you can download to your iPhone, iPad and/or iPod touch.

  • MyUofMHealth – Our patient portal mobile app is a convenient way to manage your health information through your mobile device. Connecting to the portal gives you access to your medical care when and where it’s convenient for you—24 hours a day, seven days a week. Learn more about our patient portal and download the MyUofMHealth mobile app from iTunes or Google Play.
  • PreOp Diet - The PreOp Diet mobile application is designed to help surgical patients and their families understand and follow guidelines about when they need to stop eating, drinking or taking medications prior to procedures involving general anesthesia.
  • Roller Buggy - Roller Buggy is an interactive video game meant to teach children and young teens how to safely navigate busy city streets in a fun, creative way.
  • Transplant Education - The U-M Transplant Center offers free transplant education apps on your mobile device for kidney, liver and lung transplantation. By downloading either the kidney, liver or lung app, you will get information about the transplant process, requirements to receive a transplant, and methods of contacting the U-M Transplant Center.